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Our voices telling Our stores

Black Diasporas Naarm Melbourne documents the experiences of individuals of African ancestry, living in this city, and the spaces and places that have meaning to them. Referencing oral narrative,[1] a common tradition throughout the African continent, in Black Diasporas Naarm Melbourne, we literally hear directly from people of African descent about their experiences. Life plays out in space and time manifesting in this project as a geolocated digital archive of interviews.

The main aim of this project is to create space for dialogue. As we reflect on our Black experiences on unceded Blak lands, we are encouraged to look beyond the idea of colony.

Thinking of the Bla(c)k Power movement in Naarm, [2] what are the historical Bla(c)k links? How can these connections foster deeper understanding? How do we, as settlers of African descent, engage respectfully with Country, Community, Culture and Indigenous knowledge?


[1] Kalu, Anthonia. "African Literature and the Traditional Arts: Speaking Art, Molding Theory." Research in African Literatures 31, no. 4 (2000): 48–62.
[2] Yalinguth - A First Nations augmented audio tour on the streets of Fitzroy/Ngár-go.


Many thanks to participants for generously sharing your stories Alimba, Amanda, Amarachi, Amaryllis, Angela, Araba, Awale, Charity, Dozie, Esther, Eve, Fatuma, Hanad, Hope, Idil, James, Jay, Joseph, Joshua, Kwame, Mahtut, Moey, Mohammed, Monica, Naa, Nana, Nanchok, Ntombi, Nyawarga, Phillipa, Ras-Samuel, Rutendo, Sarah, Saba, Scottnes, Simon, Simone, Stephen, Yasmin, and Yong

for conducting the interviews Chairmaine Hunzwi, Duaa Mahmoud, Guled Abdulwasi, Ivy Mutuku, Kalu Oji, Kholisile Dhliwayo, Naa Atswei Adjei, Pokuah Frimpong, Scottness Smith, Sandra Githinji, Rungano Muzondo, Zii Nziramasanga

for directing and filming Abdalla Omar, Abdul Yusuf, Ansam Farag, Cerina Allotey, Daniel Niva, Gideon Wilonja, Ivy Mutuku, Kalu Oji, Lilah Benetti, Scottnes Smith 

to our sponsors and supporters.

Design & Branding by MRPJ Designs

Website by Gwinyai Chakonda

(C) The Exhibit

Exhibition Design: Culture as Creative in collaboration with Sandra Githinji Studio

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